Cats looking for new homes

Updated -  19th January 2015

Could you offer a ‘forever home’ to one of our cats or kittens?

Please scroll to the bottom for our kittens – we currently have a number available for adoption – which is why we say ‘Please neuter your cats’ as kittens can get pregnant from 4 months !!

 Below is an up-to-date list of all the cats that we are currently caring for, either at the Centre or in foster homes around Coventry, and which are currently available for adoption. We are full to bursting at the moment with so many cats to look after, but we are happy to post neutered and vaccinated cats that are still with their owners here as sadly we have no room to take them in at present – please contact us via our Facebook page if you wish to do this.

Please scroll down to the end of the page, as some of these cats have now been looking for a ’forever’ home for a number of years! All of our cats are neutered, vaccinated and chipped prior to homing, and all use their litter trays.

If you are interested in adopting a cat, please read the information on our 6-step adoption process: , and  feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss any cat in more detail. We also have a Facebook page….  please have a look at it and click ‘like’ if you want to have regular updates and photos. And if you would like to subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter, please click here

We are also looking for safe homes for feral cats and kittens - please scroll to the bottom of this page for further information or click on the ‘Feral’ tab above.

Thank you for your support!

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Polly (CCG899) Polly the weather forecaster. If she’s in it’s raining! A very pretty little girl, approximately 6-7 years old, who has been waiting far too long to find her forever home. An independent miss who has learnt human touch is nothing to be scared of. She’s best friends with gentle males and although she is not a lapcat, she does like to sleep the night away on your bed! Polly has been patiently waiting for a new loving home since May 2010!  She is happiest in the company of another young cat(s). She is looking for a quiet home and will need access to a safe garden when she has settled in. She has made great strides in gaining confidence with people, and would adjust to living with a quiet, cat-friendly dog.

Polly is currently with Nicky in Coventry.

Email Homing Co-ordinator to enquire about adopting Polly

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The lovely June!

CCG 1462 June (Mum) – all white apart from some tabby markings on her head and a tabby tail!! She is only young and has had a litter of kittens who are now at the centre. June has a lovely temperament and likes fuss. She would make a lovely companion cat for someone :-)

June is currently with Judith in Coventry.

Email Homing Co-ordinator to enquire about adopting June

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Little Miss Em (CCG1373), 2 and a half years old, is a petite little lady, who still looks like a kitten! She came to us as a stray, and although she is fine in the company of other neutered cats, she is quite dominant with them so we think she would be better in a single-cat home, with no other animals.

We need to place Em with someone who is experienced in looking after cats. There have been 3 occasions in the past when there has been a sudden noise, and she became frightened and temporarily aggressive, so we feel that a calm, quiet home would be best for her, definitely with no children, elderly people or other pets, and one where she will be able to go outdoors as well as being indoors (this may be part of why she has got stressed by noise – nowhere to escape to).

Having said all this, the cat cuddlers at the centre have had no problem at all with Em for months now, and she will regularly hop on their laps for a fuss… they think she is lovely! She loves chasing the laser light around her pen when the cat cuddlers visit :-)

At the Centre

Email Homing Co-ordinator to enquire about adopting Em

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The beautiful Willow (CCG1468), a tortoiseshell girl, under a year old, who had had (and lost) a litter of kittens while she was a stray. Now settled in at the centre, she is developing into a friendly young cat, who enjoys human company (she prefers the company of humans to the company of other cats) :-) Still slightly timid but gaining in confidence all the time. A lovely young cat.

At the centre

Email Homing Co-ordinator to enquire about adopting Willow

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Jack (CCG1429) and Rosie (CCG1428), a very cute young brother and sister pair! Rosie has a mild skin allergy which means she needs cotton sheets covering her bed or anything else she lies / sleeps on for extended periods of time (see the above photo), but otherwise they seem to be healthy and happy young cats! Jack and Rosie are really sweet natured, friendly, loving and in our opinion a bonded pair that should be homed together as they get on so well and are good company for each other  :-) The Cat Cuddlers at the centre love them to bits and certainly enjoy playing with them and giving them the fuss that they love so much!

At the Centre

Email Homing Co-ordinator to enquire about adopting Jack and Rosie

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Nosher (CCG1506) is a long-haired male cat. He is a big boy who knows his own mind, but he enjoys being picked up by his fosterer and will purr when he is cuddled, so he does also have a soft side as well! We think he is a fabulous cat, but due to his size and strength we will not be recommending that he is adopted by anyone with younger children, or anyone elderly! A lovely big, fluffy, powerful boy, our Nosher, we love him to bits!!


Natasha (CCG 1389) RESERVED is gorgeous little girl kitten – fluffy and cuddly! She is black with a white chest and cute little white socks, born November 2013 so just over a year old now. Wide-eyed and interested in everything that is going on around her…. loves human company and she certainly enjoys being fussed – look at that photo of her on her fosterer’s shoulder, she thinks she is a scarf!

She is cat who will want to go outdoors so we will be looking for a home away from main roads for her.


With Judith in Coventry

Email Homing Co-ordinator to enquire about adopting Natasha



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Coral (CCG1402)
Here we have a lovely young black female. She is young and playful so needs to learn boundaries. Coral is a cheeky character, who will happily rub around your legs and even let you stroke her, but she is not a lap cat, she prefers to roll on her back and play! We would be looking for a relatively cat experienced home for this pretty lady, probably a home without young children. She is spayed, chipped and has had her first vaccinations.
At the Centre
Email Homing Co-ordinator to enquire about adopting Coral
Splodge is a dark short-haired tortoiseshell girl, approximately 2 years old who was taken in as a pregnant stray in the summer of 2014. She had 4 kittens in September (2 have been adopted and the other 2 are listed in the kitten section below) .  She is looking for a quiet home where she can be an only cat. Friendly and used to living with a calm dog. Spayed, chipped, vaccinated. She loves a fuss on her own terms and will need a safe garden when settled. She loves playing with her toys (when in the mood for playing).

At the Centre
Email Homing Co-ordinator to enquire about adopting Splodge

border border  Bella and Saffy (CCG1331 and 1332) are 9-year-old twin sisters. They came to us 8 years ago after being found abandoned as kittens with their mum in a supermarket car park. They were adopted but then came back to the centre last August and are currently living with one of our fosterers.  They are two gentle and affectionate cats, who would be suited to a quiet, calm home. We would like to rehome Bella and Sapphire together, as a bonded sibling pair. All of our cats are vaccinated, microchipped and neutered prior to adoption.


Currently with Sue in Coventry – although temporarily at the Centre if you would like to visit them :-)

Email Homing Co-ordinator to enquire about adopting Bella and Saffy

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Puska (CCG1427) is a sweet-natured and friendly young girl,  approximately 2-3 years old. We love her little pink nose! Puska will jump on your back if you bend down, leaving you with a large furry parrot on your shoulder, gentle and social. She loves being fussed and will headbutt you for more and more attention, so we are looking for a home where her new owners have time to spend with her as she enjoys human company :-)

At the Centre

Email Homing Co-ordinator to enquire about adopting Puska

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Molly (CCG1375) is a lovely black and white cat who came to us in November 2013 as a stray. She is interested in everything and enjoys watching everything that is going on! Molly is a playful cat who really enjoys chasing around after the feather rod. When she is not playing, she loves sitting on her tall scratch post :-)

As with all of our cats, Molly is vaccinated, chipped and neutered. She can be a bit dominant with other cats so may be best in a single-cat household, probably with someone who is experienced with cats.

At Judiths in Coventry

Email Homing Co-ordinator to enquire about adopting Molly


Bella and Mollie.

Quiet white and tortoiseshell girls (Bella and Mollie). Looking for a quiet, dog-free, child-free forever homes. It would be nice to home Bella and Mollie together as they are a bonded pair, but they could be homed separately.

Bella and Mollie are at the Centre

Email Homing Co-ordinator to enquire about adopting Bella and/or Mollie



Daisy (CCG641) is approximately 10 years old.​ Daisy loves being with humans and fussed though she is a bit timid, so we think she would be best suited to a quiet household with no other pets, and a patient owner. Daisy is a housecat who likes to stay indoors, and she is currently on medication for an over-active thyroid.

Daisy is currently living with Hannah in Coventry.

Email Homing Co-ordinator to enquire about adopting Daisy

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PLEASE neuter your cats so that you don’t add to the current kitten overpopulation problem! We receive enquiries every week to take in unwanted / abandoned kittens and we just don’t have any more space – our centre pens and foster places are currently all full. All cats and kittens leaving our care are neutered / spayed, chipped, vaccinated, wormed and de-flea’d and come with an up-to-date Vet card and Adoption paperwork.

Please note that with regards to the adoption of kittens…. we will normally not rehome to -

Homes on or near busy roads.
Homes where there is no safe garden for the cat to escape to.
Kittens to homes with children under five years old.
Kittens to homes where there is no-one at home all day.
Rented properties unless we have a letter of confirmation from the landlord to say that cats are allowed at the property.


 Simon and Garfunkel are brothers, born approx. August 2014. Now waiting for a loving home!

They are very purry and handsome boys, who LOVE playing and LOVE cuddles! Whilst in their isolation pen (awaiting vaccinations) they reach their paws out of the cage to try to touch anyone who comes near, purring and wanting some fuss! Seriously lovely purry kittens who would be a wonderful addition to someone’s household. We would like to home them together as they enjoy each others company and enjoy playing together.

With Judith in Coventry

Email Homing Co-ordinator to enquire about adopting Simon and Garfunkel

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May Fluff (semi-long-haired) is available for immediate adoption subject to a successful home visit. She is a beautiful, friendly little girl, wide-eyed and interested in everything….. Just look at that cute little face  :-)


CCG1433 Kitten – white/black

At the Centre

Email Homing Co-ordinator to enquire about adopting May Fluff

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Monet (female) and Matisse (male) born 3/9/14. A gorgeous sibling pair, ideally to be homed together as they are bonded and get on well with each other. They play together and sleep in the same cat bed. Very sociable and friendly, and used to living with dogs. They are playful and would make a lovely addition to a family (no very young children though). Please read our adoption criteria carefully as we will NOT home kittens to homes on or near busy roads – sorry!

With Nicky in Coventry

Email Homing Co-ordinator to enquire about adopting Monet or Matisse

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KITTENS Wiz RESERVED and Dorothy born 7th May 2014.

Two very friendly, sociable and playful kittens, who love all the attention from our cat cuddlers!

Wiz loves fuss, especially having his ears tickled, and he will tilt his head, close his eyes and purr - sooooo cute! Dorothy is playful and loves to watch what is going on around her, an inquisitive little girl.

Very very genuinely – we can’t understand why these 2 have not yet been adopted! They are wonderful, sociable , playful and affectionate…. what more could you ask for?

CCG1442 Wiz - black male

CCG1443 Dorothy - dark tortoiseshell female, with brown flecks on her chest (very pretty!)

at the Centre in Coventry

Dorothy Wiz enjoying an ear tickle

At the Centre in Coventry

Email Homing Co-ordinator to enquire about adopting Dorothy and / or Wiz

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Gerry, a little playful boy born summer 2014  :-)

CCG 1459 Kitten Cloud - black short-haired male kitten. Cloud is a lovely boy, black but with lovely ‘shadow tabby’ markings. Not quite so fluffy as the other kittens but just as lovable, also loves being on a lap :-) RESERVED

CCG 1460 Kitten Gerry – black short-haired male kitten. Gerry is very fluffy with golden eyes and shadow markings although you can’t see them in this picture.

CCG 1461 Kitten Midnight - black tabby semi long-haired male kitten. Midnight (Middy) is black and very fluffy, very adventurous and loves a lap. RESERVED

Currently living with a fosterer so very sociable and friendly.

with Victoria in Coventry

Email Homing Co-ordinator to enquire about adopting Gerry

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Mum Tara (CCG 1472) is a friendly semi long-haired tabby. Her lovely black kitten is Samantha (CCG1473)  - a black fluffy female with a white fleck on her chest.

They are two lovely, friendly cats with calm temperaments.  Tara has beautiful markings and gorgeous wide pale green eyes, and Samantha is just a little fluffy cuddly ball of love! We would like to home them together if possible as Samantha does like to be close to her mum (at the moment anyway!!).

With Judith in Coventry 

Email Homing Co-ordinator to enquire about adopting Tara or Samantha

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Mum June and 5 kittens born 6th August

A lovely, friendly little family!

Archie, Dylan , Bear, Bree and Ella. They have been used to being with other cats and dogs in their first foster home, and now at the centre they are very sociable with the cat cuddlers and enjoy playtime and cuddles  :-)

CCG 1489-1493

June is with Judith and the kittens are at the centre

Email Homing Co-ordinator to enquire about adopting June or one of her kittens

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Angel and Smokey…… more details to follow when they are ready for adoption :-)




Joe, Iggy, Ziggy and Lou – 4 young ginger boys (born December 2013) who are a VERY bonded group so need to be homed either all together OR in pairs. They are a little shy but in the right home will really increase in confidence if their progress with us is anything to go by! Joe is the shyest of the ginger boys, but very clever, very playful and thinks ahead…. doesn’t like to share his food so will hang back until the others have fed so that he gets his bowl to himself! Lou is a cheeky boy, and he will bat your hand with his paw, pulling it closer to sniff. Iggy and Ziggy are impish and playful, a lot of fun! These little boys would be best suited to a quiet home (no dogs or young children). They have great characters and once your have gained their trust they will be loyal companions.

At the Centre

Email Homing Co-ordinator to enquire about adopting Joe, Iggy, Ziggy or Lou (all together or in pairs)


 Gilly (black) and Andy



Arthur and Andy (bonded pair) and Gilly (black Male) RESERVED and his mum Evie (grey and white female). The three young male cats were born approx. December 2013. Andy and Arthur are a bonded pair who we would like to home together, but the black male Gilly could be homed separately or with his grey and white mum, Evie, who is also looking for her forever home. They are all quiet cats who need a quiet home, no young children, no dogs, but plenty of love and patience :-)

Andy and Arthur are at the Centre, and Gilly and Evie are with James in Coventry

Email Homing Co-ordinator to enquire about adopting Gilly, Evie, Arthur or Andy



Simba – a ginger male, not yet vaccinated or neutered so more details to follow…..

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 Homes wanted for Feral / Working Cats

An important part of our work at Coventry Cat Group involves TRN (Trap-Neuter-Return) of Feral / Working cats, and so we are always on the look out for safe places for these cats to live. Please see our separate section on our Feral work:

Feral /  Working cats cats are rewarding. If you have stables, farm, small holding, safe factory or even a large garden they will take care of any rodent problem in return for somewhere dry and safe to sleep and regular feeding. Cats hunt best when they are fed and healthy. Feral cats are wonderful to watch interact with each other and eventually, if allowed, find out and enjoy home comforts. Once you have gained the trust of a feral cat, they are a friend for life.

If you are able to offer a home to feral cats (eg. in a smallholding, farm or stables) please contact us, as we currently have  a number of feral and semi-feral cats in our care who need a home . 

Email Homing Co-ordinator



Thank you for supporting us !